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Why Choose CBD?

Through much research, CBD has shown great promise in a medicinal capacity. Research shows why CBD and other cannabinoids are effective in a variety of ways. From anti-tumor qualities to epilepsy treatment, mental health benefits, treating pain, inflammation. and nausea, even to treating skin conditions, CBD is versatile. Patients have reported for decades how beneficial CBD and other cannabinoids can be when treating many types of conditions. When compared to traditional medicines, CBD offers a greater range of treatment abilities than its pharmaceutical counter parts.  CBD is a versatile medicinal option, due to its ability to work in so many areas of our bodies.  It offers a more preemptive approach to health care, a wellness approach.   Incorporating CBD into your life helps to treat conditions before they start, rather than after the fact.  This is a particularly beneficial with diseases like cancer.

CBD has shown, in lab testing, to slow and even kill cancer cell growth. It also helps treat symptoms of cancer and some cancer treaments such as nausea. Patients have reported great results from CBD use. Another area CBD has shown great promise is in treating some types of childhood epilepsy. CBD has proven to treat certain types of epilepsy where pharmaceuticals do not provide relief.  In fact, CBD responds well to many types of neurological disorders providing relief to patients.  CBD is also effective in treating different types of mental disorders and many serious debilitating medical conditions. Equally as impressive, is its ability to treat less severe conditions, such as skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.  Imagine having one medicine that treats so many different types of medical conditions and symptoms.

So many of today’s medicines have numerous, and sometimes dangerous, side effects. Some patients end up taking additional medicines to counteract side effects. Not to mention the cost of pharmaceutical drugs continues to soar. There are many cases of patients not getting the medicines they so desperately need due to the high cost. Research is proving that we now have a unique alternative to traditional medicine. Users of CBD report very few if any side effects when using CBD.   In fact, the most common “side effect” reported is a calming or relaxed feeling.  This is due to CBD reacting so naturally to our bodies own endocannabinoid system.

Why CBD Oil

CBD comes from a plant?

You read correctly, CBD is extracted from a plant, either the Hemp or Cannabis plant. Healthy Hempies uses only Hemp derived CBD, CBDV, CBC, and CBN.  Because these cannabinoids are naturally occurring, our bodies react very well to them. We all possess an endocannabinoid system that essentially helps to control disease and pain. This system is comprised of cannabinoid receptors. When consumed, CBD and other cannabinoids safely and effectively plug into these receptors, and CBD also influences many non-cannabinoid receptor systems in the brain. This results in few side effects with maximum delivery. This is why CBD and other cannabinoids are so promising in treating a wide variety of conditions.

There are numerous cannabinoids that offer exciting medicinal properties, CBDV, CBC, and CBN are three additional cannabinoids that are proving to have great benefits when used medicinally. CBD, CBDV, CBC, and CBN all work very well together through a process known as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect is the idea that multiple cannabinoids work better together than separately.  When cannabinoids are combined, research shows that medicinal effects are often more pronounced.  This results in concentrating the effects of cannabinoids.  While the entourage effect is not a new concept, Healthy Hempies is one of the only places that offer multiple cannabinoid products. Our products offer the best mix of cannabinoids.

Through controlled growing practices of hemp and the stringent extraction process to procure cannabinoids, we are able to offer a safe, natural alternative to opioid medication. This is giving patients much more control over their medical treatment decisions. Through additional research, we will continue to find remarkable uses of CBD and other cannabinoids. As more awareness grows, CBD will likely become a widely recognized option in medical care.

I bought a jar of the 500 mg cannabinoid ointment and it really helps to decrease the pain from my osteoarthritis!

~Rosa Jacquard Bood

The crumble has made quiting smoking cigarettes a lot easier. It seems to take my mind off it and ease the addiction.

~Scott Foley

I have been using the salve for a while now and it is amazing for EVERYTHING from my fibro pain to healing sunburn!

~Lauranne Reynolds


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