Hempie’s Lip Balm 50 mg



Healthy Hempies 50 mg Cannabinoid Infused Lip Balm was designed for any person who hates having sore chapped lips. This lip balm is 100% organic made with natural oils and waxes making it safe to apply to lips without worry of unsafe ingestion. This product is ideal for windy days, winter months, and cold sores as it provides soothing relief and anti-inflammatory benefits perfect for these occasions. This product will keep your lips hydrated without leaving a synthetic flavor, fragrance or dye making it ideal for young ones as well.


Healthy Hempies 50 mg Cannabinoid Infused Lip Balm is formulated with only the necessary organic oils and waxes rather than dyes fragrances or synthetic flavors. This lip balm is based with pure block beeswax which is a known skin protectant that soothes and hydrates. When applied to the skin, beeswax forms a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental assaults, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness. Beeswax is also a humectant meaning it attracts water molecules and has a high level of Vitamin A. This balm also contains a Hemp Seed Oil and Refined Coconut Oil mixture which provides high amount of vitamins and fatty acids that are helpful with keeping skin clean and moisturized. This lip balm is sure to help you achieve silky smooth lips.


All Healthy Hempies products contain several very important Cannabinoids derived from Industrial Hemp. CBD, CBDV, CBC, CBG, CBN and CBT have been growing on popularity due to the rising amount of studies that have been exemplifying the benefits of these compounds. Patents, Medical Journals, and Research Programs have all brought forth evidence of anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antibacterial characteristics amongst others. Many of these articles claim that Cannabinoids may be an answer to several auto-immune, neurodegenerative, and gastrointestinal conditions that can cause severe pain and suffering. CBD was even recently approved in pharmaceutical compositions for epilepsy sufferers. As more clinical trials and testing is completed, the full scope of these benefits may begin to be understood.


Yes. The cannabis products you know as being considered illegal are so because they contain THC. The Cannabinoid-based products that we sell possess little to no THC. This makes them legal to ship, possess and consume in states that have not legalized THC containing products. You won’t experience a “high”, as the state-of-mind altering effects of THC are not present in our products. Instead, this oil may help soften and smooth your dry chapped lips.


CBD is an all-natural product taken from either a hemp or cannabis plant. Here at Healthy Hempies, all products we provide you with are hemp derived only, which the human body reacts very well to, due to the natural occurring cannabinoids. All of us contain an endocannabinoid system that manages both pain and disease. This system is full of cannabinoid receptors. CBD gets to work safely and naturally to stimulate these receptors, whilst also triggering many non-cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body. A huge argument for using CBD is that few to no side effects that occur. Due to our controlled growing process of hemp, all of our products offer a safe and natural alternative to opioid medications. As research and popularity improves, CBD and other cannabinoids will gain remarkable new uses.



All natural only once filtered block bee’s wax, organic refined coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, CBD (Cannabidiol), CBDV, (Cannabidivarin), CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBN (Cannabinol).

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Weight.022 oz
Dimensions.625 × .625 × 2.625 in


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