Canine Relief Peanut Butter 360 mg


Canine Relief Peanut Butter 360 mg

Healthy Hempies Canine Relief Peanut Butter is a CDB anxiety and pain reliving treat, that your dog will find both delicious and calming. If your dog suffers from anxieties, pains or has an upcoming event (such as a vet trip, separation, firework night, or stormy weather) then this has been formulated naturally with your canine in mind! Our powdered peanut butter olive oil is an original recipe made from scratch, that dogs have shown to love. It contains the highly effective combination of all four of our industrial hemp cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDV, that are proven to positively affect the body and mind of canines. All the ingredients included are organic and natural. Nothing else. We provide the finest ingredients only, because we know your canine is not only a pet but a part of the family! The CBD dog treat is sold in a 6 oz jar, filled with tasty powdered peanut butter, extra virgin olive oil and 360 mg of our of finest cannabinoids.

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The cannabinoid oils included have shown great promise in helping dogs with anxiety, PTSD and pain. It also treats epilepsy, boost appetites and can prevent and fight cancer; as well as other discomforting issues such as hip dysplasia, skin conditions, digestive issues, tumors, seizures and chronic pain in older dogs. As it contains all four of our cannabinoids, it has the “Entourage effect”. Studies have shown that this combination of CBD, CBC, CBN and CBDV work together to become highly effective in both humans and dogs. Our cannabinoids are refined from high quality industrial hemp using a CO2 extraction process, naturally resulting in concentrated cannabinoid filled products. There are no side effects to our CBD products, other than a sense of relaxation.

I’m new to cannabinoid products, is this legal?

Yes. The cannabis products you know as being considered illegal are so because they contain THC. Cannabinoid-based products that we sell, possess little to no THC. This makes them legal to ship, possess and consume in states that have not legalized THC containing products. You call also be sure that the lack of THC means your dog won’t experience a “high” or any euphoric state-of-mind altering affects. What more can I know about CBD and its effects of dogs? CBD is an all-natural product taken from either a hemp or cannabis plant. Here at Healthy Hempies, all products we provide you with are hemp derived only, which dogs and humans react very positively to, due to the natural occurring cannabinoids. Just like humans, dogs contain an endocannabinoid system that manages both pain and disease. This system is full of cannabinoid receptors. CBD gets to work safely and naturally to stimulate these receptors, whilst also triggering many non-cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body. A huge argument for using CBD is that few to no side effects that occur. Due to our controlled growing process of hemp, all our products offer a safe and natural alternative to opioid medication. As research and popularity improves, CBD and other cannabinoids will gain remarkable new medicinal uses. CBD is a widely growing medicinal product, one that pets can benefit from too. Our Canine Relief Peanut Butter is more than just a treat, but a helping hand to a paw in need.

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All natural powdered peanut butter, Extra virgin Olive oil, Infused with industrial hemp cannabinoids: CBD (cannabidiol), CBDV (Cannabidivarin), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBN (Cannabinol)

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