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How does CBD work in the brain?

The brain is comprised of numerous highly specialized cells called neurons.  Neurons are cells that receive, processes, and transmit information through electrical and chemical messengers or signals, called neurotransmitters. Additionally, neurons communicate with one another by releasing neurotransmitters through structures called synapses. A neuron’s ability to receive neurotransmitters depends upon whether or not the neuron contains a receptor that matches the neurotransmitter. Think of a key and lock.  Neurons work together, as nervous systems, to affect different areas of the body in a variety of ways, which include the bodies reaction to pain and illnesses. CBD has an uncanny ability to influence a wide range of receptor systems in the brain and body, including not only cannabinoid receptors but a host of others, helping to create homeostasis and balance across our nervous systems.

How does CBD work in the brain

How does CBD work on the body?

CBD PainWe’ve learned how CBD works in the brain, but how does CBD work on the body?  The brain naturally produces neurotransmitters, such as dopamine or serotonin that help to regulate many different areas of the brain, affecting mood, and pain levels.  These neurons, within the brain, are not only sensitive to dopamine or serotonin but also neurotransmitters found in plant cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBDV, CBN, and CBC.  Inside the body are receptors, such as vanilloid receptor 1, or TPRV1, and transient receptor potential ankyrin 1, or TRPA1, which are both linked to pain perception.   Cannabinoids are effective, medicinally, due to their ability to positively influence these system receptors within the brain and body.  This influence has shown to effectively alter the body’s reaction to various types of diseases and medical conditions.

By combining the cannabinoids, CBD, CBDV, CBC and CBN, into oils, salves, tinctures, crumbles and topicals, the medicinal effects enter the body, travel through the bloodstream, and enter the brain.  Once in the brain, the CBD, CBDV, CBC, and CBN neurotransmitters can positively affect brain activity and stimuli response, such as pain.  This results in decreased pain levels and discomfort associated with numerous medical conditions.  Additionally, some of these cannabinoids affect a condition’s ability to thrive in the body.

I bought a jar of the 500 mg cannabinoid ointment and it really helps to decrease the pain from my osteoarthritis!

~Rosa Jacquard Bood

The crumble has made quiting smoking cigarettes a lot easier. It seems to take my mind off it and ease the addiction.

~Scott Foley

I have been using the salve for a while now and it is amazing for EVERYTHING from my fibro pain to healing sunburn!

~Lauranne Reynolds


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