5 Great Ways to Enhance your Daily Self-Care Routine with Cannabinoid Products

5 Great Ways to Enhance your Daily Self-Care Routine with Cannabinoid Products

Self-care plays an integral role in physical and mental health. The act of treating our bodies and minds with healthy, constructive activities helps us relax and repair from the damage of daily stresses, aches and injuries alike. Given the naturally healing and beneficial properties of Cannabis derived Cannabinoids and Terpenes, CBD products have gained recognition in the beauty, medical, and food industries. Check out these… 5 great ways to enhance your daily self-care routine with Cannabinoid products.

Cannabinoid Massages

Take your regular massages to the next level by using a Cannabinoid Infused Oil or Lotion as your choice of lubricant. Cannabidiol (CBD) offers anti-inflammatory benefits, which have been exhibited in countless studies. In fact, many massage therapists have seen the benefits of Healthy Hempies Couples Massage Oil as well as Healthy Hempies Topical Salves and Healthy Hempies Daily Body Budder during client massages.

 The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints, aiding the massage therapist in their work. People seek massages as a way to relax and escape stress. Cannabidiol also has the reputation for accelerating the recovery and healing process of injured connective tissue. If you’ve been experiencing muscle and joint aches, trying Cannabinoid Massages may be a great way to show your body some love.

Cannabinoid Facial Care

    Stress from the daily grind can leave a lasting mark… on your face. Sun damage, wind, oil and dirt can all leave high impact impression on your skin. If your facial skin is feeling heavy and weighed down, exfoliating and moisturizing will play an integral role in reviving your skin. Cannabinoid Facial Scrubs and Moisturizers are ideal for refreshing. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Cannabidiol, and many other Cannabinoids,  as well as the antibacterial and antimicrobial benefit of Cannabichromene pack a punch against acne and blemishes

Cannabinoids all offer powerful antioxidant abilities which promotes skin health and elasticity. By scavenging free radicals, antioxidants can help prevent and correct these visible signs and give skin a more youthful glow. By definition, all antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflamed skin impedes the skin’s rejuvenation process. By reducing inflammation, antioxidants allow skin to repair itself and correct visible damage. Try Healthy Hempies Sugar Scrubs and Healthy Hempies Daily Body Budder to rejuvenate your skin.

Cannabinoid Products for Foot Care

    If your daily routine requires time on your feet, don’t forget to show them proper care. Swelling, inflammation, and increased vein size can all be signs that your feet are feeling the same stress you are. There are a plethora of ways to show your toes some much deserved attention. Foot baths with infused Cannabinoid Oils or Salts can be a great way to relieve inflammation. Using Cannabinoid Salves and Body Budders can also provide much needed relief from Arthritis, Lymphoedema, Neuropathy and general aches. Application of Cannabinoid Oil through ingestion or sublingual use also exhibited beneficial effects for those struggling with pain generating in the feet. Don’t overlook your feet during your daily self-care routine. Instead, check out some of these great items!

Cannabinoid Edible Relief

    Cannabinoid Topicals and Oils are both great ways to show your body and mind the care needed to feel rested and rejuvenated. However, the growing CBD market has experienced an influx of innovative products aimed at providing relief and relaxation. Edible products are growing in popularity due to the ease of use and beneficial relaxing effects. In fact, studies show that adding CBD to your day to day routine may boost your immune system as well as aid in anti-inflammatory actions while providing relaxing effects. Even drink additives, such as All Natural Cannabinoid Infused Honey can provide the relief many of us are searching for. So relax, put on your pajamas, curl up with a hot cup of Chamomile Tea with  CBD Honey and relax! 

Cannabinoid Oil for Overall Wellness

    Cannabinoid Oils or CBD Oils are incredibly popular. No matter what new and inventive Cannabinoid products hit the market, tinctures and oils will always be a staple. The efficacy of these oils offers quick and reliable relief that is easy to work into a routine. Daily dosing only enhances the efficacy. Additionally, when sublingually absorbed this product remains unaffected by food intake making for a reliable source of relief. 

Additionally, tincture or oil dosing can be titrated by each individual drop. Tinctures allow consumers to add milligrams to a dose based on the milligram content of the drops. For example, if each drop is 2 mg, a consumer can take 10 drops to achieve a 20 mg dose. However, if the individual chooses to change their dose by small increments, they can simply add or subtract drops. For these reasons, Oils and Tinctures are an ideal way to enhance your daily self-care routine with Cannabinoid Products.

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