Common Customer Questions About Healthy Hempies Products

Common Customer Questions About Healthy Hempies Products

The CBD Market continues gaining traction and expanding around the United States. Consequently, mixed information floods the media which can be confusing for individuals looking for concrete facts. Many of our new customers have an infinite list of questions. However, the chaos of shopping at new stores and introductions to new items often overwhelms the customer and causes a lack of retention of information pertinent to their shopping experience. Therefore, we wanted to address some of the more popular questions we receive from our customers in an attempt to provide our new and existing customers with information they may need.

Does Healthy Hempies Source Cannabinoids/CBD from U.S. grown Hemp? Where does Healthy Hempies source their Cannabinoids/CBD from?

Healthy Hempies sources ALL materials in the United States. In fact, growth and processing of the Hemp harvested for our Cannabinoid content takes place in Oregon. The Florida Senate Bill 1020, effective July 1, 2019, created allowances for Florida based hemp farming. However, these programs may take up to a year before beginning grow stages as they remain unfinished.

Are Healthy Hempies Products Legal?

All Healthy Hempies products are 100% legal to own and purchase in the State of Florida. Hemp derived products containing below 0.3% THC are legal to own and purchase in the State of Florida. There is no doctor approval/recommendation, state approval, or license necessary to own or purchase Healthy Hempies products or any other Hemp Derived product containing below 0.3% THC. Additionally, find more information on the legality of these and other Hemp Derived Products please review The Florida Senate Bill 1020.

What extraction method are the Cannabinoids utilized by Healthy Hempies processed through?

Harvested from 100% Organic grown Hemp and processed though CO2 Extraction and Fractional Distillation, Healthy Hempies Cannabinoid Extracts remain clean and natural. This method is popular in the CBD Industry as it is the most safe and effective method that requires no solvents, which can be harmful to ingest. 

Are Healthy Hempies Products Organic?

Healthy Hempies only releases products formulated with 100% natural organic materials. We believe in Quality of Life through Fulfillment of the Body and strive to create products that satisfy this effort. 

Who makes Healthy Hempies Products? Where are Healthy Hempies products made?

Healthy Hempies product manufacturing takes place in Ocala and Inverness Florida, in our two manufacturing facilities. Healthy Hempies online shop and retail locations never receive or resell products created by a third party or “white label” manufacturer. By creating and manufacturing our own products, we ensure that our quality and safety standards remain up to par. Healthy Hempies owners, Damion and David, research materials and develop products with our customers in mind and pride themselves in creating specialty products for those in pain and battling health issues.

Can a consumer fail a drug test from using the Cannabinoid Infused Tincture Alternative? Why or Why not?

A consumer will not fail a drug test due to use of Healthy Hempies Brand CBD Oils or any other Healthy Hempies products. All Healthy Hempies products contain a Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract containing less than 0.3% THC content. All Healthy Hempies Cannabinoid Extracts receive testing by Independent Third-Party Laboratories, ensuring safety and quality. These Certificates of Analysis are available on our official Healthy Hempies website, or in our retail locations.

What are the side effects associated with the Cannabinoid Infused Tincture Alternative?

Claims of side effects from the use of Cannabinoids vary depending on the source. The FDA has thus far refused to release a concrete statement on the side effects or lack thereof. Other sources list nausea, fatigue and irritability as possible side effects of CBD. Harvard Health released claims that CBD may increase the level of the blood thinner “Coumadin” in your blood, and may raise levels of certain other medications in your blood by the exact same mechanism that grapefruit juice does. For safety purposes, Healthy Hempies encourages individuals to ask their general physicians about Cannabinoids use for their concerns.

Will the Cannabinoid Infused Tincture Alternative interact with any medications?

Unfortunately, many case studies and clinical trials are still necessary to determine the safety of CBD in conjunction with other medications. However, Harvard Health released claims that CBD may increase the level of the blood thinner “Coumadin” in your blood, and may raise levels of certain other medications in your blood by the exact same mechanism that grapefruit juice does.  For safety purposes, Healthy Hempies encourages individuals to ask their general physicians about Cannabinoids use for their concerns.

What is the difference between the Topical Salve, the Daily Body Butter, and the Smooth and Soothing Rub?

Formulated with a base of block beeswax and a mix of creamy coconut and olive oil, Healthy Hempies Topical Salve is is ideal for deep inflammation and pain. This product is intended to relieve conditions such as Arthritis, joint and nerve pain, Neuropathy, Joint and Bone injuries.

Formulated with a base of  whipped Shea and Mango Butter and moisturizing mix of coconut and sunflower oil, Healthy Hempies Daily Body Budder easily absorbs into the top layer of skin to moisturize and soothe. This product targets topical skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosecea, and sunburn.

What is the difference in using a Cannabinoid Infused Capsule versus the Cannabinoid Infused Tincture Alternative?

The Tincture Alternative becomes absorbed through the inside lining of the mouth, under the tongue where small blood vessels transfer the tincture directly into the bloodstream. Sublingual absorption is a popular method of intake, especially with Vitamins, due to the efficient absorption rate. This method helps disperse Cannabinoids throughout the body systemically quicker than a capsule would. This method is more fiscally efficient and allows a more effective delivery.

Ingest these capsules orally, without chewing. The capsules then begin the delivery process to the digestive system where the shell of the capsule disintegrates. Once dissolved, the oil in the capsule releases into the body to be absorbed through the digestive tract. A blood vessel leading from the digestive tract to the liver will transport the oil to be processed. This will lower the bio-availability of the Cannabinoids, leaving a lower amount available to the system. Afterward, these remaining Cannabinoids will continue to disperse throughout the system.

What is the difference in the Tincture Alternative marketed for humans and the Pet Relief Tincture Alternative?

There is little variance in Healthy Hempies Tincture Alternative for human and Healthy Hempies Pet Relief Tincture Alternative. To elaborate, both products offer the choice of 250 mg or 1,000 mg and both cost the same. The only differing factor, contained in the Pet Relief Oil, remains Grape Seed Oil which acts as an antioxidant, anti-allergen and anti-inflammatory. 

Can an individual use the Topical Salve for the pet?

Healthy Hempies formulates this Topical Salve with all natural organic ingredients that are completely harmless to pets. Apply this Topical Salve to Hot Spots, as well as sore joints or injuries without toxic side effects to pets. In fact, we have received much positive feedback of this product for topical use with family pets and livestock.

How Often can Healthy Hempies Topical Salve be applied in a 24 hr period?

Healthy Hempies formulates this Topical Salve with 100% all natural organic materials. Consequently, these ingredients offer soothing relief without  harsh side effects such as chemical burning, irritation, or tissue damage. Apply this Salve as many times as preferred, use “as needed”.

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