Enhance Your Skincare Routine with CBD & Hemp Based Beauty Products

Enhance Your Skincare Routine with CBD & Hemp Based Beauty Products

Navigating the skincare industry can be completely overwhelming, especially with many popular products hosting a plethora of impossible to pronounce ingredients. For those of us who regularly battle acne, sun damage, inflammation, irritation, wrinkles and excess or inadequate oil production, the market can be confusing and discouraging. Fortunately, Organic plant-based products are also starting to flood the market. With an influx of these plant centered products comes a demand for Cannabinoid and Hemp-based products. 

Beauty Benefits of Cannabinoids 

Studies and research of Cannabinoids have increased exponentially in recent years. Consequently, many of these studies support the efficacy of these compounds to provide relief from a plethora of symptoms. In fact, several Cannabinoids have proven effective as anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral compounds. 

Cannabidiol has exhibited anti-inflammatory actions as well as the capability of reducing excess oil production in the human sebaceous glands.  “CBD … inhibits lipid synthesis, especially if previous lipid synthesis actions upregulated, as for example in acne. It was very surprising,”. This information suggests that Cannabidiol acts effectively in reducing the oily lipids produced in the skin, which reduces acne. 

Beauty Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Additionally, a patent held by U.S, National Institutes of Health claims that CBD also has high levels of antioxidants, aiding in the reduction of swelling. By counteracting free-radical damage, CBD creams may be able to help visibly diminish issues like wrinkles, skin dullness, and ruddy skin tone.  Interestingly, Hemp Seed Oil, (pressed from the seeds, containing trace levels of Cannabinoids, NOT CBD OIL) also exhibited high levels of antioxidant actions. Hemp Seed Oil contains high fatty acids, including Omega-3s and Omega-6s in a ratio of 3:1, considered the optimal nutrition ratio. Furthermore, one particular study concluded that hemp oil resulted in the improvement of eczema symptoms. 

 Consequently, popularity of Cannabinoid Skincare products has increased so much that it has drawn attention from dermatologists. Some dermatologists—including board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman—recommend the use of CBD oil for hair and skin. “It’s rich in vitamins A, C and E,” says Dr. Jaliman. “Vitamin A stimulates the cells responsible for producing the tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy, while vitamin C stimulates collagen production, and it helps to reduce signs of aging; [and] vitamin E blocks free radicals from the body [which] helps slow down the aging process,” she continues.

Cannabinoid and Hemp Based Products Designed for Your Skincare Needs

Healthy Hempies 50mg Cannabinoid Infused Sugar Scrubs

Healthy Hempies 50 mg Cannabinoid Infused Sugar Scrub is one of our favorite beauty care products, made to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. This scrub contains all natural ingredients known to benefit the skin, helping you stay clear and bright. This product is perfect after a long day of makeup wear as it will help your skin shed excess dirt and grease allowing it to breathe. This scrub is available in three delicious scents! Additionally, it can also be used to exfoliate the back shoulders arms and other problematic areas. Recommended use with fresh cool water and a soft towel.

Healthy Hempies 80mg Cannabinoid Infused Skin Revitalizing Clay Face Mask

Healthy Hempies specifically formulated this Clay Face Masks to moisturize and smooth the skin while cleansing pores. This clay face mask is applied directly to the face in a thin layer. Next, allow fifteen minutes or until mask is completely dry before gently rinsing the mask from the skin. Lastly, lightly towel dry after rinsing face. Optionally, users may apply Healthy Hempies Topical Salve or Daily Body Budder to provide additional moisturizing effects. This mask is popular with individuals battling dry skin, acne, or problematic skin areas. This mask will tone and stimulate skin cells allowing for improvement with blemishes.

Healthy Hempies 100mg Cannabinoid Infused Body Budder 

Healthy Hempie’s Body Budder is a smooth CBD body budder, specially formulated to help with psoriasis and eczema, reducing skin irritation in a calming manner. It is infused with our four industrial hemp cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDV for soothing natural health benefits. It’s perfect for daily moisturizing and easing any skin irritations. For good measure, the body butter contains relaxing natural ingredients only; shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil and our cannabinoids. Nothing more. Additionally, this moisturizer is packaged in a 4oz, 100mg container.

Healthy Hempies Cannabinoid Infused Topical Salve

Our Topical CBD Salve is an all organic pain soothing salve, locally sourced with beeswax and cannabinoids to provide you with effective pain relief. As one of our most popular CBD health products, it has been trialed multiple times on the skin cancers, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, with positive results. Additionally, the all-natural ingredients include only: locally sourced once filtered block beeswax, relaxing coconut oil, olive oil and our four industrial hemp cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDV. Nothing more. In fact, we formulated our hemp salve for over four years. This salve popularly provides pain relief for: Inflammation, sore muscles, Lymphoedema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, insect bites, wasp stings, cuts, burns, sunburns, Acne, migraines and other similar conditions. In fact, apply this Salve to any exterior part of the body to provide relief. Available in 100 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg.

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