Tincture or Capsule?

Choosing the right method for you!

Choosing a Cannabinoid relief product can be a seemingly difficult task. One of the most important aspects to consider is the method of intake. There are a number of ways to deliver Cannabinoids to an ailing body. Among these choices are two popular oral delivery methods: Tinctures, and Capsules. Both of these options allow the systemic delivery of Cannabinoids. This is helpful as it allows the widespread release of Cannabinoids, and consequently the benefits. With two similar options available, how does a new consumer choose the right oral method? It is important to understand what each product is and how each method processes the Cannabinoids.

Absorbing and Processing Tinctures

Our Tincture Alternative is a great option of intake. This tincture is made with Hemp Derived Cannabinoids and Organic Hemp Seed Oil rather than alcohol. The inside lining of the mouth, under the tongue the floor of the mouth in the Buccal Cavity absorbs the Tincture Alternative. Those areas have a relatively thin layer of skin with small blood vessels which can transfer the tincture directly into the bloodstream. This type of absorption is referred to as sublingual. Sublingual absorption is a popular method of intake, especially with Vitamins, due to the efficient absorption rate. This method helps disperse Cannabinoids throughout the body systemically.

Digestion and Processing Capsules

Our Cannabinoid Capsules are also a favorable option of Cannabinoid intake. The capsules contain Organic Coconut Oil infused with Hemp Derived Cannabinoids. Customers ingest the capsules orally, without chewing. These capsules will be delivered to the digestive system where the shell of the capsule will disintegrate from body fluids. Once dissolved, the oil in the capsule will be released into the body to be absorbed through the digestive tract. A blood vessel leading from the digestive tract to the liver will transport the oil to be processed. This will lower the bioavailability of the Cannabinoids, leaving a lower amount available to the system. Afterward, these remaining Cannabinoids will continue to disperse throughout the system.

What Differences might a Consumer Notice?

Due to the distinct differences in how each method processed, consumers will see varying effects from them. Consumers should take into account several personal predispositions.

Digestive Variables Affect Absorption

Variables such as digestive disorders or other foods and medicines being digested may affect the bioavailability of a capsule. For example, high-fiber foods and calcium supplements may bind with a drug and prevent it from being absorbed. Laxatives and diarrhea, which speed up the passage of substances through the digestive tract, may reduce drug absorption. Surgical removal of parts of the digestive tract (such as the stomach or colon) may also affect absorption of the capsule contents. 

Methods Affect the Rate of Relief

Capsules intended to go through digestion will need time to pass through the digestive tract. Processed other foods during this time affects the absorption rate of the contents. This will cause the process to take relatively longer than absorbing a tincture in the Buccal Cavity.

Other Variables to Consider

 Consider differing circumstances as well as dosing options. Tinctures and oils allow dosing to be titrated by each individual drop. Tinctures permit consumers to add milligrams to a dose based on the milligram content of the drops. For example, if each drop in a bottle is 2 mg, a consumer can take 10 drops to achieve a 20 mg dose. However, if the individual chooses to change their dose by small increments, they can simply add drops. This would only add 2 mg per drop.

In contrast, capsules will only offer milligram doses based on the capsule. For example, a consumer may purchase 25 mg capsules. If they choose to add milligrams they must consume another full 25 mg capsule. This effectively doubles the dose. Therefore, a consumer has less control to alter the dose.

Other factors to consider are personal preferences. When consuming a tincture, an individual is more likely to experience the taste that may be unfavorable. Capsules allow the consumer to ingest the Cannabinoids without chances of harsh or unfavorable tastes. Capsules also offer easier access to consumers who may need to dose throughout the day or on the go. Securing the oil will help avoid the chance of leaking or loss of product as well as breaking of the glass container.

While both options offer pro’s and con’s, neither poses severe side effects or symptoms! Once a consumer has considered all possible variables, they can make an informed choice. Consumers also have the option of speaking to a Healthy Hempies team member before finalizing an order.